Gunsmithing - Repairs & Alterations

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Freedom Arms, located in sunny Fresno, CA is the one stop shop for all your firearm needs. We not only sell firearms but we offer a full comprehensive gunsmithing service to help you maintain or customize your firearm to your personal specifications.

Owning a firearm is like owning a car, regular service and maintenance is required to guarantee its operation and extend its life. Our expert gunsmiths will assure that your firearm is completely operation upon completion of our service and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Caring for your firearm will occasionally result in repairs that need to be completed by an expert. Our experts are fully qualified to repair firing pins, decreasing trigger pressure and even repairing blemishes from accidental damage. Our gunsmithing services are so competitive that you are likely to save money by allowing us to do the work and we can guarantee a completion date so you know when your firearm will be ready.

We offer a variety of services including:

• Disassembly, inspection and cleaning services for your firearm
• Corrosion removal, lubrication and cosmetic touchups for your firearm
• Barrel replacements for dents, damages or bore erosion from regular use
• After-market modifications including installation of tactical stocks and receivers
• Troubleshoot and repair ejecting, feeding & firing problems
• And much more!

Due to our many years of being in business, if we cannot supply you the gunsmithing service you require it is likely that we will be able to refer you to a knowledgeable and reliable gunsmith in our area. Although we try to solve every problem in house, we know when it is time to use someone with more skill in a particular area. That is how you know you are in good hands with Freedom Arms.