Firearms - Large Selection

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Freedom Arms of Fresno, Ca carries a large selection of a variety of firearms. When you stop in to our retail location you will be able to browse our vast selection of handguns, rifles, shotguns and much more.

At Freedom Arms we have a large selection of revolvers and pistols for a variety of manufacturers. Firearms that are classified as a hand gun generally have a 1,500 ft/s bullet velocity rate and an accuracy range within 50 yards and fit in one hand. These facts make handguns the premier personal protection firearm for concealed carry, unconcealed carry and home protection.

The compact size of a handgun allows for a variety of concealment options, from an ankle holster to a personal fire resistant safe under your bed. When selecting a handgun regardless of a pistol or a revolver our firearm experts will make sure you have the right firearm for you needs and abilities. Weight, range, caliber size and firing mechanism are all categories that factor into your decision when selecting an efficient handgun and we will help take the guessing out of the equation.

Freedom Arms also has a large selection of shotguns that provide adequate home protection and can satisfy your hunting needs. Over/under, double barrel or single barrel shotguns are available along with composite, plastic or wood stocks. Selecting a proper shotgun can be a very daunting task but with our expert help and the knowledge of interchangeable barrels it is possible to own only one shotgun. Whether you plan on skeet shooting, deer or duck hunting or you simply desire a shotgun for its low penetration and high stopping power we have a shotgun to fit your needs.

Rifles from various manufacturers are also available for purchase in our showroom. Primarily used for hunting or sport applications we have rifles of various calibers in stock - including the ever popular .30-06. A rifleā€™s longer range capability combined with a properly zeroed scope easily makes this the firearm for most hunters in California.

Stop by or come in and visit Freedom Arms in Fresno, CA for your firearms needs.