Firearm Accessories

Firearm Accessories - Different Options

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Firearm accessories are nearly as diverse as the firearms they are designed to accompany. At Freedom Arms we carry a large selection of accessories from holsters to scopes and everything in between.

Why buy a holster off the internet? You don’t know how it pulls on your belt or restricts your movement, here at Freedom Arms you can bring in your firearm to make sure you get the holster that fits your needs. We carry many different options for holsters for several types of handguns, ankle, over the shoulder and inside or outside of the waistband holsters just to name a few.

Not only do holsters come in a huge variety of location placements the materials used are just as diverse. The material a holster is made from can significantly alter the level of comfort and usability of your firearm. Spring loaded, leather, polycarbonate and even nylon holsters all have a different weight and operation even if they are designed for the same placement i.e. ankle holster. Remember when you purchase your holster, fit is as important as function.

We don’t just carry holsters - we have a large selection of laser sights. In today’s world of firearm accessories laser sights come in a variety of options including grip, over or under the rail and even in colors of red or green. A proper laser sight will increase the aim of professional and amateur shooters alike and will virtually guarantee you hit the target every time.

We also have magazine replacements and spares along with all of your firearm safety gear including safety glasses and audio protection ranging from plugs to full ear phones. We not only carry functional firearm accessories but vanity items as well - including colorful grip replacements, fiber optic sights and even a few products especially designed for the lady shooter.